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Give Zimbabwean children
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Campaign presented by:

Dzingai Mutumbuka
Former Zimbabwean Education Minister

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About this campaign

What are we raising for?

Zimbabwe is Southern African country that sits above South Africa and below Zambia. Millions of children in Zimbabwe are missing out on a chance to build foundational literacy and numeracy skills. 

It was my privilege to have been appointed the first minister of education in Zimbabwe at independence in 1980. I have worked all my life to ensure children in Zimbabwe and across the world get a chance to learn. The COVID19 pandemic set education progress back decades. Now, the future of today’s children is very much at risk, unless we do something about it. 

I believe that the Age of Learning Foundation – and the work it does partnering with education ministries to help children master math and reading – is key to our ability to end learning poverty. 


That is why I invite you to join me in my exciting campaign to raise an initial US$25,000 in support of children in Zimbabwean schools.

Help reach our target: 100 percent of what we raise together will go toward creating math mastery learning opportunities for children and continuous professional development for their teachers. 

How many children and teachers will we reach? If we meet our $25,000 target, we will improve math teaching and learning for:

  • 10,000 children, and
  • 200 teachers

What will our giving support?

The Age of Learning Foundation helps solve learning poverty by making its mastery learning solutions, professional development, and institution building support available at no cost to education ministries, schools, and classrooms. 

But often, education systems, schools, and classrooms need help to provide electricity, internet connectivity, devices, and other resources to support effective mastery learning. 

Our giving will help close this “last mile” of support for 10,000 children and 200 teachers. Let’s shine the light of learning. 

About Zimbabwe

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Age of Learning Foundation in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has a population of approximately 16.6 million people, 32% of whom live in urban areas. With a median age of 18.2 years, Zimbabwe has a youthful population.  The main official languages include Shona, Ndebele, and English. According to the country’s education sector strategy, the education system has been affected by economic crisis and associated difficulty providing sustainable funding for to improve teaching and learning. With significant economic uncertainty, 37% of Zimbabweans are currently living in extreme poverty. 

The Age of Learning Foundation offers two key programs in Zimbabwe, in partnership with the ministry of education and in support of the country’s national education and development agenda.

The Foundation’s Math Mastery Program helps young learners (ECD through Grade 2) progress from little or no knowledge of numbers to mastery of three digit addition and subtraction. 

The Foundation also partners with broadcasters in Zimbabwe through its Educational TV Initiative, which helps children build strong learner identities as they discover and learn about the world around them. 

I am absolutely convinced that here lies an approach that will give a number of countries a good shot at getting SDG four accomplished. That I think is a major achievement.

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