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Big Questions in EdTech: Lea Simpson and Mike Trucano in a Timely UNGA Side Event

In a landmark event at this year's UNGA, EdTech leaders Lea Simpson and Mike Trucano will guide a crucial discussion on the future of global education in the age of AI.

When it comes to discussing the future of educational technology (EdTech) in an increasingly digital world, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) is the perfect backdrop for a pivotal education development side event. Hosted by the EdTech Funder’s CoLab and the Age of Learning Foundation, this important side event will feature two luminaries in the field: Lea Simpson, Innovation Director for the EdTech Hub, and Mike Trucano, a Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution and an EdTech policy veteran from the World Bank.

Lea Simpson, is well-known for her innovative approach to EdTech and learning outcomes, and is a key player in merging technology and education. As the Innovation Director for EdTech Hub and the lead for EdTech Funder’s CoLab, she brings a wealth of experience in technology-driven educational solutions. As Lea explained in our recent interview, “The goal of this discussion is really to convene a group of people who don’t usually find themselves in the same room to be talking about the big spend in tech in global education.”

Mike Trucano is no stranger to the intricacies of technology in education. With over 26 years experience at the World Bank and now at the Brookings Institution, Mike’s work spans policy advice, research, and technical assistance to governments worldwide. His areas of expertise include everything from digital educational credentials and AI in education to EdTech policies and initiatives post-pandemic. “He is particularly well known for his research and advice related to the development of national EdTech policies,” making him a perfect counterpart to Lea Simpson in this important conversation.

The United Nations General Assembly serves as a global amphitheater where the world’s most pressing issues are dissected and discussed. This education technology-focused side event will bring together a wide spectrum of stakeholders from education development, finance agencies, philanthropic foundations, and more to navigate the best routes for investment to improve learning opportunities for children through technology. The EdTech Funder’s CoLab’s role is central in all of this. As Lea puts it, “The goal of the CoLab is to understand, in relation to what everyone else is doing, what is the most profound use for philanthropic capital in the mix.”

With the emergence of new technologies and a global education landscape that is both challenging and exciting, this discussion is both timely and needed. “In the age of AI, this feels like a very important conversation to be having,” says Lea. Mike’s decades of experience dealing with the real-world implications of technology in education will provide an invaluable context to this exploration.

This upcoming opportunity with Lea Simpson and Mike Trucano is not just another panel discussion—it’s a watershed moment for the future of education in the age of AI. The stakes are high, and the conversation promises to be both far-reaching and deeply impactful.

Learn more about the event here.

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