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2Enable and the Age of Learning Foundation bring quality educational TV to South Africa

The collaboration will enable South Africa's young learners to discover the world while building strong learner identities for literacy and numeracy.

Lunikihlumelo Pitsoane, 2Enable

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Since January 19th, 2023, 2Enable has been partnering with the Age of Learning Foundation to expand learning opportunities for young children in South Africa.

2Enable broadcasts a number of the Foundation’s made-for-TV shows at no cost to viewing children and families across the country.

“From our first glance at the work produced by the Age of Learning Foundation, we knew our missions are aligned, and we saw a great opportunity for South African learners and parents. The content is engaging, and we know it’s going to add value to our education system,” said Roith Rajpal, Managing Director, 2enable.

2Enable is a free online education community empowering teachers and learners. The organization is committed to the delivery of quality educational resources that inspire everyday teaching and learning. 2Enable provides easy-to-access, peer-reviewed, good quality, curriculum-aligned basic education content to all South Africans for free.

2Enable’s digital platform services a wide range of clients, spanning the education, private, and health sectors with a multi-platform offering. Products include assistive software, hardware, and mobile applications, which are designed to help users access information and communicate more effectively. Some of their products include text-to-speech software. 

“It is partners like 2Enable that make it possible for us to collectively achieve our mission to fundamentally improve learning for children in low- and lower-middle-income countries across the world. We are thrilled to be taking this journey together,” said Mubuso Zamchiya, Managing Director, Age of Learning Foundation.

As part of its commitment to broaden its range of services and offerings, 2Enable has partnered with the South Africa Department of Basic Education to serve as an implementing partner for the management and operation of the DBETV channel on Openview, Channel 122. With an average monthly viewership of 1.3 million, the channel caters to a diverse audience, particularly children between the ages of four and 15. 

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